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It is an ideal situation for any divorce if the couple is able to dissolve their marriage amicably.  Just because the couple is willing to work together, does not mean that they do not require legal assistance.  Even in an amicable divorce, it can be very beneficial to have a lawyer who can mediate between the two parties and who can help both parties during this complex legal process.  If you are considering divorce, you should know how important it is to enroll the services of a qualified attorney who can help with divorce mediation.  Your Seattle family lawyer can assist you with the completion of legal documents, can provide you with helpful legal advice, and can make sure your divorce is on track in order to resolve it in the fastest way possible.

The Divorce Mediation Process

When a couple is in the process of divorce, important decisions will need to be made regarding future parenting arrangements, child support, spousal support and property distribution. The couple will gather all information about assets, debts, and post-divorce budgets. The divorcing couple, who know their situation the best, will make important decisions collaboratively in the informal environment of a conference room.  The divorce mediator will then write up the agreements that form the basis for a separation agreement.

Mediation is an alternative way to approach a divorce and is a highly desirable means by which to do so. A skilled divorce mediator helps to create an atmosphere in which the parties can communicate more effectively and better understand each other’s point of view. Divorce mediators never impose a solution upon the parties or advise them what they “should” do; their job is merely to help the parties identify and articulate any issues that may need to be addressed in order to come to a mutual resolution.

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