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Under Washington Law, parents have the right to visitation with their children, unless a formal court ruling prohibits them from doing so or sets restrictions upon visitation.  If the custodial parent is keeping you from seeing your children, or if false allegations have been made against you with the intent of preventing visitation, a Seattle family lawyer from our firm can help.  If your ex-spouse has refused to turn over the children, refused to leave you alone with your children, or significantly delayed you from spending time with the children by being late or never showing up at the appropriated time, this is considered to be visitation interference and will need to be addressed in court.

Visitation Interference

During a divorce, all aspects of child custody and child support will be thoroughly outlined to each parent.  After child custody is determined, visitation guidelines will be given and must be followed strictly by each parent, otherwise legal action may follow.  After being awarded custody or visitation rights, some parents choose to take the law into their own hands by denying the other parent visitation.  This decision is not in the hands of the parent and they have no right to refuse access to the children based upon their own personal reasons.  Unless it has been determined by a judge that you are a danger to your child, you have the right to visitation because it was court-ordered.

Your Seattle family law attorney can help you document any violations of the parenting plan by gathering evidence and witness testimonies.  A petition can then be filed for a court hearing that will address the visitation interference. Having proof of the visitation interference will help you prove to court judges what is really going on, and if convinced they will find the other parent in contempt.  The parenting plan and visitation guidelines will then be subject to modifications by the court, reinforcing or changing your visitation rights.

If you are having trouble with the visitation of your children following a divorce, contact a Seattle Family Law Attorney today!

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