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Spousal support is financial support paid by one spouse to another.  Not every person going through a divorce will be eligible to receive spousal support (or alimony as it’s called in some states), and you will need to speak with a Seattle family law attorney to figure out if this option is available to you.  Depending upon the circumstances of your marriage, spousal support may or may not be appropriate.  When it comes to determining the amount of spousal support, there is no concrete method that is used, and judges instead consider a broad range of factors.  When determining whether spousal support in the case is necessary, the court will consider the duration of a couple’s marriage, a spouse’s need for financial support, the ability of the other spouse to pay support.

There are three main situations that occur in which spousal support will typically be ordered, including:

  • If the marriage lasted for a very long time (25 years or more)
  • If there is a great disparity in earning capacity between the divorcing parties
  • If one party made a career of taking care of the home and children

Spousal support can be paid over a period of time that is determined by court, or under agreement of the divorcing parties.  The length of time can vary between a few years to the rest of the recipient’s life time.  If you believe you are in need of spousal support, or if your ex-spouse is trying to obtain spousal support, a Seattle family lawyer from our firm can help you.  In any situation involving money, the stakes can be very high and our attorneys realize this.

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The family lawyers at our Seattle firm will work hard to get you what you deserve.  If you spent years working in the home, raising your kids, and contributing to the success and growth of your family and now are in danger of being left in financial ruin due to lack of job experience, our attorneys will do their best to prove the necessity of spousal support in your case.  Whatever circumstances surround your case, our lawyers will work with you to find a way to successfully resolve your spousal support issues.

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