Grandparental Rights

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Family Lawyers Defending Grandparental Rights

Not only does divorce affect the parent’s relationship with the children, but it affects the grandparent’s as well.  If one parent is granted sole or legal custody of the children after a divorce, chances are that the grandparents on the non-custodial parent’s side will miss out on having a relationship with their grandchildren.  Because grandparents are not granted the same rights as parents, they may have an even more difficult time obtaining visitation with the children and will certainly need representation from a Seattle family law attorney.  The lawyers at our firm will be completely committed to protecting your rights as a grandparent and will work hard to make sure your grandchildren don’t miss out on having this very important relationship.

Grandparent Visitation Rights

Under Washington law, a grandparent may petition the court for visitation with a child at any time or may intervene in a pending dissolution, legal separation, or modification of a parenting plan proceeding. However, a person other than a parent may not petition for visitation unless the children’s parent or parents have already commenced an action in the family courts. In other words, a petition for visitation may not be brought if the parents of the child are still together and no court action has been taken.

In order to receive visitation rights, the grandparent will have to prove that they have a significant existing relationship with the grandchildren. The family law attorneys at our Seattle can help you prove this by gathering clear and convincing evidence that will show the nature of your relationship with your grandkids in order to establish the necessity of the continuation of that relationship.  Visitation will only be granted if it is in the child’s best interest, and if a relationship has existed between grandparent and grandchild, the continuance of the relationship will be in the child’s best interest.

If your relationship with your grandchildren is in danger because of a divorce, contact a Seattle Family Lawyer today to discuss your grandparental rights!

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