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Family law is a practice area that deals with the legal issues faced by families, including:

The practice of family law entails a more than just a lawyer advising a client about their legal rights. Due to the highly emotional and personal situations involved in family law issues, attorneys are responsible for helping clients through what could be the most stressful experience of their lives. With divorce rates and domestic violence rates being at an all time high throughout Washington, more and more individuals are seeking representation from family lawyers. The issues involved in family law are always pressing because above all it is the family who will be affected by the outcome. The family attorneys at our Seattle firm realize what is at stake and will do everything they can to make sure your issue is handled in a way that pleases you.

Not only do family lawyers have to be aware of the many laws and regulations in Washington, but they must also possess strong litigation and negotiating skills. In the practice of family law, attorneys act as their client’s legal advocates and situations frequently arise where they will have to resolve disputes. Legal issues such as divorce and child custody are the two most difficult things to straighten out between a couple and it will help greatly if your Seattle family lawyer is very skilled at negotiating. Resolving the issue at hand in a positive and beneficial way is a top priority that our attorneys will fight endlessly to achieve.

Seattle Family Law Practitioners: Serious & Aggressive Legal Advocates

The practice of family law requires a great deal of communication on the part of a lawyer. The ability to effectively communicate is extremely important for practicing family law because this skill will be called into use frequently over the life of a person’s case. It will be necessary to communicate with opposing attorneys, spouses, ex-spouses, and judges. Family lawyers must often act as mediators, especially in divorce cases, and will have to go back and forth between two parties until an agreement can be made to the satisfaction of both.

When involved in family law disputes, clients are facing very harsh and abrupt lifestyle changes. Couples going through divorce have to come to terms with the fact that their life will no longer be what it once was. Parents involved in child custody disputes face an even more difficult situation. After being an active parent in your child’s life, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to imagine waking up every day and not having your child there. Considering the life shattering consequences of family legal matters, lawyers need to handle situations in a compassionate and careful manner.

Furthermore, when a family is facing a serious financial crisis, the amount of pressure on a family relationship is increased tenfold. But when a relationship is strong, trust is present, and love is great, these financial strains become something that drives a couple together. On the other hand, if love is week, trust fleeting, and the relationship is already week and pressed, then a financial difficulty will only compound issues. Such is the case with situations, but a trusted attorney can also help in these situations. For example, if a family faces foreclosure, a dallas bankruptcy attorney can stop foreclosure.

When choosing our Seattle firm for representation, you will first meet with your family lawyer to discuss your pressing legal issues. Your attorney will ask pertinent questions which will help them gather the information and need to effectively represent you, and will work to come up with a resolution that you will be happy with. At our law firm, client satisfaction is our number one priority and your attorney will work very hard to make sure your rights and your happiness are protected.

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